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Car Crash Injury
Going to a Doctor After a Car Accident Being in a car accident can be one of the most overwhelming and terrifying experiences to go through. If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you could have suffered injuries to your nerves, muscles, and possibly
Cauda Equina location
Chronic back pain is one of the most common complaints that doctors receive. It’s no surprise given that are always roughly 65 million Americans who have experienced a recent bout of semi-chronic or acute back pain and about eight percent of adults live with some
what is laser spine surgery?
If you are suffering from an injury to your spine or have a herniated disc or tumor that is causing you pain, you are likely looking into different treatment options. Depending on your condition, you may be considering laser surgery. There is a lot of
spinal cord and injuries
When you suffer an injury, the nerves in your body send pain signals to indicate the location of the damage. Pain is a hugely important survival mechanism as it allows you and your body to react to danger indicators and prevent further injury. However, pain
doctor with spinal model
Spinal stenosis occurs when one or more spaces within the spine begin to narrow, reducing the amount of room for the spinal cord and nerves to branch off. Over time, this tightened space can irritate, compress or pinch nerves and/or the spinal cord. Spinal stenosis
black car in accident
Car accident injuries can range from minor and temporary inconveniences to serious and catastrophic injuries that leave you with permanent disabilities or scarring. There are some particularly pernicious injuries, like internal injuries or whiplash, that aren’t always readily apparent. You may not even know you’ve
bone spurs in neck
As we age, our bodies change and adapt to natural wear and tear, injuries and various medical conditions. Bone spurs are one of the common issues experienced by adults 60 years of age and older. Over time, bone spurs can develop anywhere in the body,
man seeing doctor for back pain
The back and spine are key to maintaining the body’s full range of motion and mobility. They are the body’s central support system. The near constant use of the back and spine are one of the reasons why most Americans will experience back pain at
rash on someone's skin
Chickenpox is a common virus known for being exceedingly itchy but mostly harmless (at least when it’s contracted by children). While symptoms of chickenpox eventually clear up and go away, the varicella zoster virus (VZV) that causes it never leaves the body. This remnant virus
multi colored brain image
Pain signals delivered by nerves are oftentimes a warning from our body that it needs help. Unfortunately, there can be conditions or situations where nerves are sending inaccurate signals or the pain signals that are being sent are reducing your quality of life. Pain management
tennis vs golf elbow
A common misconception about tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow is that only people who play the namesake sport develop either condition. In fact, most people who suffer tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow have never actually played either sport. The reality is that nearly everyone who
what are PRP injections?
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections are one of the most sought out therapies in regenerative medicine. PRP is popular because it is minimally invasive and promotes the body’s natural healing abilities to aid in recovery. PRP injections may also be recommended to help manage the symptoms
testing for scoliosis
One of the most common chronic back conditions is scoliosis. If you have been recently diagnosed with scoliosis or have struggled with it since childhood, chances are you can still live a normal life. However, the persistent pain and discomfort of scoliosis can be debilitating
insurance coverage of back surgery after car accident
When you get into a car accident, the last things you should have to think about are medical bills and surgery costs. Taking care of yourself and getting the treatment you need after a serious back injury should be your top priority. It’s not always
minimally invasive surgeries
Traditional open spine surgeries are costly and much harder on the body when it comes to recovery. This is why most patients in Georgia are electing for minimally invasive surgeries like laser back surgery, otherwise known as Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression (PLDD), and minimally invasive