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MRI Scan
How long do MRIs take? Magnetic resonance imaging scans are used as an advanced diagnostic procedure to determine the cause of various symptoms and the exact location of conditions such as herniated discs, or spinal stenosis. The machine usually encompasses the entire body in a
Do pinched nerves go away on their own
Pinched nerves causing back pain and neck pain Nerves are found throughout your body, and most commonly become pinched in specific areas of the neck, lower back, hands, elbow and wrist. Nerves in the spine become pinched because of a herniated disc that is compressed
MRI PET scan
MRI vs CT vs PET Scan In medicine there are many ways to investigate and diagnose a disease or disorder, however, using technology and imaging scans has helped advance the diagnostic process immensely and make the process more precise while giving a deeper insight into
Fathers day fishing
June is the Start of Summer Summer begins on Sunday June 20th, the same day as Father’s day. With the beginning of summer there is plenty to do in the warming temperatures, whether it’s fishing, river tubing, cooking with your family, or just enjoying the
What is neurogenic claudication? Neurogenic claudication is essentially leg pain or weakness while walking that stems from the nervous system. It’s also known as pseudoclaudication. This condition can lead to difficulty walking, and your legs feeling heavy. There is another type of claudication involving the
Osteoporosis Fall
Spinal compression fractures are the result of weak bones in the spine that create small fractures within a vertebra bone of your spine. The vertebra of your spine stack on top of each other with soft discs in between to allow flexion, and this entire
Ruptured Disc MRI
What is a ruptured disc? Firstly, what are we talking about when we say disc? There are discs in your spine that are found in between vertebrae which help with maneuvering the spine and act as shock absorbers for these movements. Spinal discs rupture due
Caudia Equina Syndrome

May 21, 2021

Cauda Equina Syndrome

Lower back pain is a common symptom affecting millions of people every day. While it can cause discomfort, most people can still work and have a good quality of life despite it. They take efforts to control pain and prevent the problem from getting worse.
What Causes Sciatica Flare-Up
Does sciatica occur suddenly or does it take time to develop? Sciatica can do both, have a sudden onset or develop slowly over time. The difference is the cause of the sciatica, with a herniated disc usually causing a sudden pain, and an arthritic cause
How Long Does a Pinched Nerve last
What is a pinched nerve? There’s one thing that indicates you have a pinched nerve: pain. But what is a pinched nerve exactly? It’s a lot like what it sounds like, a nerve that becomes compressed or pinched between two things, usually a bone and
Neurosurgeons deal with anything involving the nervous system. That includes the brain, the spine, and all the systems surrounding the two. The nervous system is a collection of nerves that transmit information around the body like pain and sensory information. There are two parts of
Spinal stenosis walking
Spinal Stenosis Walking Difficulties Spinal stenosis is the narrowing of spaces inside your spinal canal and “pinches” or puts pressure on the nerves going through the canal. The two most common places for spinal stenosis to occur are the lower back and neck, which is
Torn rotator cuff pain
What is a Rotator Cuff? Your shoulder’s anatomy includes three bones from the upper arm, shoulder blade and collarbone. The upper arm bone fits into the socket of your shoulder blade creating a joint that can move and flex. The rotator cuff holds your arm
Annular Tear
What is an Annular Tear? An annular tear occurs in the ligament that surrounds the nucleus of your spinal discs with cartilage fibers called the annulus fibrosus. Spinal disc nucleus’ have a consistency of jelly and are shock absorbers for the spine as it moves.
Facet Hypertrophy Symptoms
What are Facet Joints? Facet joints are the small, angular joints on either side of the ring-shaped bone surrounding the vertebral bodies. Those joints are important in stabilizing spinal movement. The angle and height of facets and how they sit on the vertebral segment determine