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Epidural Injections

Inflammation-Reducing Epidurals

Many patients at AllSpine have benefited from Epidural Steroid Injections (ESIs) that help relieve inflammation related to radicular pain emanating either from the lower back into the legs and/or the neck into the shoulders and arms. ESIs reduce inflammation in your spinal nerves and give you relief from pain and pinched nerves.

How Epidurals Work

Inflammation within the spinal column often occurs due to a process called spinal stenosis which is a narrowing of the passage where your spinal cord resides. This can happen for various reasons such as disc herniations, bone spurs, thickening of spine ligaments, joint cysts, or abnormal vertebrae alignment (slipped discs).

The epidural space where the injection is composed of fat which both surrounds and cushions your spinal cord and its nerve branches. We use a needle to deliver potent steroids that will reduce the inflammation resulting in diminished pain and improved function. While the steroids will interrupt the inflammatory cycle, they will not cure the underlying problem. However, the relief in pain will allow you time to make lifestyle adjustments and pursue things such as physical therapy or chiropractic that will improve your body’s strength and enable you to compensate for the condition.

Interlaminar ESI's

Interlaminar ESIs are injected from behind into the posterior portion of the spine.

Caudal ESI's

Caudal ESIs inject medication into the base of the tailbone and bathe the selected nerve roots.

Transforaminal ESI's

Transforaminal ESIs inject medication into the space next to the intervertebral disc and nerve root.

Epidural Steroid Injections

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