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Experienced Spine Doctor in Decatur, GA

If you have been suffering from severe back pain or neck pain, you may need to have a consultation with a spine surgeon. This musculoskeletal discomfort could be caused by a herniated disc or Sciatica. The spine doctor can provide you with answers and discuss the best treatment options for your condition. At AllSpine Laser & Surgery Center, we have been providing state of the art neurological services since 2001. Our spine surgeons and highly trained staff offer state of the art care at our laser spine surgery center.

Lasting Pain Relief from Decatur Pain Management Doctors

When you visit AllSpine Laser & Surgery Center, we will provide you with the best recommendations to treat your condition. The pain management doctor may recommend PLDD (Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression) to treat your condition and relieve the pain you have been experiencing. We will provide you with trusted guidance and advice to help you improve your quality of life.

Laser Spine Surgery in Decatur

Our spine doctors will explain all of the options available to you including laser spine surgery. There are many benefits to laser spine surgery including no scarring, cutting, or general anesthesia and the entire procedure is minimally invasive with short recovery time.

Laser spine surgery has many different benefits when compared with traditional surgery the most significant of which is that it is minimally invasive. With laser spine surgery, there is no scarring, cutting, or general anesthesia and patients can have a shorter recovery period without the need for a hospital visit.

Decatur Back and Neck Specialists

Our Decatur doctors handle back and neck injuries every day. We use our minimally invasive approach to help you resolve your back pain or neck pain with more comfort and quicker recovery times. We’re top Decatur back and neck specialists with many different treatment options for you. Neck physicians and back physicians in Decatur need a great deal of experience to carefully diagnose each possible condition and accurately pinpoint what’s causing pain.

Open MRI in Decatur

We have open MRI machines in Decatur and Stockbridge as well. The convenience of having an MRI at the same place you’re getting treatment is that you won’t have to run around town going to different locations and wasting time booking multiple appointments. You can get your MRI scan in Decatur and get treated in the same building. Plus, our experienced MRI team works well with our doctors since they work together every day, so there won’t be any waiting around for files to be sent. Our open MRI machines are also more comfortable than a traditional MRI and are better for claustrophobia since you aren’t fully enclosed during the imaging scan.

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