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Shoulder Cortisone Injections

Shoulder Pain Remedies

If you suffer from shoulder pain associated with common shoulder ailments, you may have considered injections as part of your treatment plan. Doctors usually advise conservative approaches such as physical therapy or injections before recommending surgery to their patients.

What are cortisone injections and how are they used to treat shoulder conditions?

Cortisone is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can be injected into the shoulder area to help treat a variety of shoulder conditions, including tendinitis, bursitis, rotator cuff impingement or tear, frozen shoulder, and degenerative or inflammatory arthritis. Steroid injections are readily available and can be administered in your doctor’s office.

How are they given?

We inject the cortisone under sterile conditions after applying a numbing spray to the site. No anesthesia is required. There may be slight burning or pressure. We give the injection with the use of ultrasound imaging, which allows us to visualize the tissue on a monitor in order to allow for a more precise injection procedure. Most patients are pleasantly surprised that it is not a painful procedure.

What are they benefits?

Cortisone injections offer quick, easy and safe relief for inflammation. It should be noted that the shots themselves are not pain relievers. The cortisone lowers inflammation, which is something that can alleviate pain. Some are considered temporary solutions, although some cortisone shots successfully treat shoulder pain permanently.

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