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My wife and I had

My wife and I had a great experience with pain level treatment decreased to a level for everyday functioning. Without having an envaisive surgery . the staff was all […]

I was referred by my

I was referred by my Primary Care Physician for degenerative disc issues. Everyone that I encountered was amazing. Courteous while being professional and polite. They made me feel so comfortable […]


If you are having back pain so severe and can no longer stand it and are not certain what you should do, Laser is the way to go. It certainly worked for me…

C. Elmore

I had laser surgery a month ago and it is the most amazing thing I did. I have no pain, it is gone, I am cured. Laser surgery is the […]


Great doctors, explain everything and give you success rates and options.


Had severe leg pain, after surgery it’s all gone. Staff is great and doctors care.

Caroline S

Surgery center staff is wonderful, they explained everything and made me feel safe before and after my neck surgery. Dr. Rezaiamiri is a very competent neurosurgeon.


I had laser surgery on my lumbar spine 5 weeks ago, my leg pain has resolved and low back pain is 80% improved and I am not taking any pain medications.


Laser surgery in low back over 80% Improved!


Highly recommend Allspine! I had the laser back surgery done here and everyone was very professional and made sure I was comfortable! My back feels 100x better than it did before the surgery and I can’t thank them enough!!!

Andrea Mc F

All the doctors there that I deal with are incredible. I’ve been with them since 2005. I had multiple injuries and had difficulty even walking. Now I’m walking 6 miles at a time. I’ve been through multiple surgeries and multiple procedures all of which have been instrumental in keeping me walking and having quality-of-life