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Atlanta Outpatient Surgery Center

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AllSpine Laser and Surgery center is a leading Atlanta outpatient surgery center with 3 locations around the Atlanta metro area. Our doctors specialize in comprehensive spinal care and pain management, with the full suite of spinal procedures. All our procedures are outpatient, which means you can go home the same day without lengthy hospital stays. We utilize minimally invasive procedures, and our approach to our medical practice is to be the least invasive as possible.

Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery in Atlanta

When it comes to spine surgery there are a few options available to treat different issues. Whether you have degenerative disc disease, osteoathritis, or a herniated disc there are different approaches to try. The most invasive is a spinal fusion, which physically fuses two vertebra in your spine using metal plates and screws as well as a bone graft. As you might imagine this takes a long time to heal, and has a higher risk of complications when compared to minimally invasive alternatives. Spinal fusion also removes some range of motion in your spine, which limits your physical capabilities.

There are a couple alternatives to spinal fusion, the first being an endoscopic discectomy, which uses a thin funnel like tool to feed surgical tools through. The reason for this is the incision required for this kind of surgery is significantly smaller than open surgery, and so the recovery time will be much faster. Another minimally invasive procedure is called percutaneous laser disc decompression or PLDD. Some people also call this laser spine surgery.

Laser Spine Surgery in Atlanta

Laser surgery for the spine is an advanced procedure in which a laser is fed through a small needle directly into a herniating spinal disc. Once carefully placed in the proper location the heat from the laser is used to evaporate part of the interior of the spinal disc, which reverses the damage from the herniation and safeguards the disc from herniating in the future. This procedure has success rates comparable to spinal fusion, but since no incision is required the recovery times are much shorter and the procedures takes less time. If you have back pain you can take a self-test assessment to see if you’re a candidate for laser spine surgery.

Atlanta MRI Machines Near Me

If you’ve been through a surgery before, or you’ve needed imaging tests to diagnose an illness, you might be familiar with an MRI machine. We have open MRI machines on-site which are uniquely suited to take images of the spine. They’re more comfortable than closed MRI machines, and allow for better placement of a patient onto the machine. So if you have inexplicable back pain that is debilitating or drastically lowering your quality of life an MRI is a good option at diagnosing exactly what’s wrong.

Atlanta Pain Management Specialists

Because our philosophy is to be as minimally invasive as possible, we offer pain management solutions that can help take care of severe back and neck pain while your body heals. We have epidural steroid injections which are very helpful with back pain as well as facet joint injections. We offer PRP therapy to assist with the natural healing process of the spine, and we also have radiofrequency ablation as a great minimally invasive pain management option.

Atlanta Surgery Center

As a premier surgery center in Atlanta we have skilled specialist doctors working with our patients. Neurologists, neurosurgeons, orthopedics and pain management specialists help the lives of our patients each day. You can call 770-997-0600 to schedule an appointment today.

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