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Atlanta in October

Atlanta Mayor VotingAtlanta Mayoral Election Early Voting

Atlanta will elect a new mayor as well as have all 15 city council seats up for election. The voter registration deadline is October 4th, 2021, and early voting starts October 12th running to the 29th. The actual election day in Atlanta is Tuesday, November 2nd. Residents of Fulton and DeKalb counties can also apply for absentee ballots now to vote by mail.

Atlanta Braves 2021Baseball Playoffs and the World Series 2021

Our Atlanta Braves are having a competitive season in the National League East against contenders the Phillies and the Mets. In the beginning of October they’ll play the Mets in a 3 game series to close out the regular season. The playoffs start with the AL Wild Card game on October 5th.

The World Series is scheduled to be played starting on Tuesday, October 26th with game 7 potentially being played on Wednesday, November 3rd.Stone Mountain Pumpkin Festival

Stone Mountain Pumpkin Festival

October brings Halloween and all the festivities that come along with it. It’s a great time for people who like pumpkins and costumes. The Stone Mountain Pumpkin Festival emphasizes just that. It runs from Sept. 20th to Nov. 3rd this year with plenty of activities for families. Also there’s a pumpkin pie eating contest, I’m in.

Finally, Mosquitos Are Gone

Mosquitos finally go away in October when the temperature starts dropping below 60 degrees in Georgia. Mosquitos hibernate in hollow logs and abandoned animal burrows during the first signs of cold weather, but might re-emerge briefly if there are any warm spells. It’s a nice relief to be able to hike outside again without getting bitten up by mosquitos while enjoying the cool weather of fall.

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