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Atlanta 10th Fittest City

Keeping Fit in Atlanta

Physical fitness is essential to every person’s health, and contributes to the prosperity of a community. It’s one of the best ways to fight chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart related illnesses. Staying fit also improves mental health, and lowers healthcare costs. Atlanta was ranked the 10th fittest city in the US according to the American Fitness Index. Having an environment supportive of activities like walking, biking and jogging is helpful in promoting health. Though 25% of American’s reported not exercising in the previous month, and 29.3% had obesity, so there are yet improvements to be made.

Promoting City Growth

Cities that create a supportive environment for residents see increased home values, retail activity, more business and job growth. Investing in the community aspect of fitness is a great strategy for a city to implement. Arlington, VA takes the #1 spot in 2021, with Minneapolis and Seattle 2nd and 3rd. Atlanta sits at #10 behind Irvine, CA and Portland, OR.

Public parks and trailways are a great way to get some exercise in and take advantage of Atlanta’s exercise friendly landscapes.

Biking Pathways in Atlanta

The most well known and well used biking path is the Atlanta Beltline of course. The route is a nice ride through the city, but can get congested at peak hours if you want to fly full speed in a high intensity workout.

The Silver Comet Trail is a 61 mile trail from Smyrna to the Alabama state line, and runs through the many woods of Georgia, as well as old railroads and farmlands the further you go. Even half the trail is great bike training.

In the Alpharetta area the Big Creek Greenway sweeps through 9 miles of Georgia, including a wetland area where blue heron, deer, and geese can be observed.

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