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Maintain Back Health & Prevent Back Injury

Did you know that back issues are one of the most common reasons for a doctor visit? Maintaining a healthy and strong back is vital to keeping your spine in good condition.

There are many causes for back pain, such as herniating discs, spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, and a strain on the back muscles. There’s a few things you can do to keep back pain at bay, and prevent back injury. Keeping the spine naturally aligned while sleeping can help, since we spend 30% of our time in a stationary position. 

Sleeping with a pillow beneath your knees can reduce stress on the lower back, as well as on a firmer mattress. Soft mattress allow the spine to sag and come out of proper alignment. Ultimately you have to find a comfortable sleeping position while supporting the spine.

Exercising your core muscles and back muscles are also pivotal to spine support and proper alignment. Most people don’t use their core muscles much day to day, so targeted exercises are great to supplement core strength. Working with a physical therapist can help guide and outline proper stretching and exercise programs when dealing with back pain.

The knee to chest stretch helps relieve tension and pain, but be sure to only stretch within your capability, working your way up to higher extension stretch sessions.

You’ll want to hold your knee against your chest for 30-60 seconds while laying flat on your back, while relaxing your legs hips and lower back. Repeat 2-4 times with each leg.

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