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What is Laser spinal surgery?

Laser spinal surgery, or percutaneous laser disc decompression, utilizes an advanced laser machine which uses the heat from the laser to evaporate soft tissues in your spine to decompress areas causing you pain. In many laser spine surgery procedures no incision is necessary, which means there are less risks for complications, and a faster recovery time. PLDD decompresses the disc pressing on your spinal nerves, which can be the cause of ongoing back pain; it may also help reduce the risk of disc progression in the future.

How is it different from other surgeries?

Laser spinal surgery is a minimally invasive spinal surgery due to the nature of the laser device used. The laser can be fed through a thin needle, which is inserted through the back and directly into the spinal disc to start decompression. It’s a quick and relatively painless procedure that leaves no scarring because it doesn’t require incisions. Other surgeries, such as spinal fusion, require large amounts of cutting, and removal of bone, plus hardware installation into your spine. This is why laser surgery is a good approach for those looking at minimally invasive options. Endoscopic spinal surgery is also another minimally invasive surgery, though it uses an endoscope which is a larger tube than what’s used in a laser spine operation, which only uses a very thin needle.


Laser surgery for the spine is a MISS (minimally invasive spine surgical), while spinal fusion is traditionally an open surgery. Open surgery means there will be incisions that go through the skin to the muscle, and the incisions are longer than minimally invasive surgeries. The goal of open surgery is to have an open pathway to work on the problem area of the spine. As you can imagine, this was the first type of surgery to be developed, and has some advantages to having access to the problematic area, but it has more risks of damaging surrounding tissue and inciting complications. The recovery time is also longer since there will be more tissue damage during surgery. MISS, like laser surgery, will either use a much smaller incision, or none at all. The advantage of this is the faster recovery time, and less risk of complications.

How Much Does Laser Spine Surgery Cost?

The cost of laser surgery for back pain varies based on the patient and the spinal disorder that needs to be treated. You will have to speak to a doctor in order to determine what kind of cost is realistic for a laser spinal surgery.

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